How Much Money in Binary Options?

Trading Binary Options

How much can you make trading binary options? If you know currencies I would think the sky is the limit. However, think a minute.

Trading Binary Options

I started with $10K and ended the week at $12,300 never trading more than five hundred dollars and throwing in a few metal trades with the currency pairs. I was new but I have been studying their behavior as individuals in tiny time frames for nine years.

Trading Binary Options

Binary trading is the easiest of them all. It takes a few minutes to figure out what you have to do and you are off to the races.

Trading Binary Options

1… Do you think a certain currency pair will go up or down?
2…How long will it take ?

I would say that in the world of currency derivatives like Forex  binary options would be at the bottom of the food chain. You may think that making five dollar bets may let you think it is the same as Forex trading, but it is not.

Forex has huge downsides for people with no money. Leverage is what distinguishes it as the most risky of investments. Without a 20,000 to 50,000 dollar trading account, Forex carries risks beyond what is involved in binary options trading or betting or whatever you want to call it.

From what I ca see, the average person with talent for judging the direction of currencies can expect to make about $50 to $550 a day risking a few dollars. If you do this day after day increasing your take, the result will be no different than any casino or forex broker when it comes to dealing with people using their service to make too much money.

Trading Binary Options

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In Forex,  too much is when the broker at the level you are using, will not fill anymore. I would guess that the limit is quite high but there is a limit where the broker can’t support you any more. There are several layers and levels of brokers who can handle various amounts.

But in binary options, with people opening an account over the internet with a few hundred bucks, you don’t have to worry about just yet. Using a few hundred to call or put several days a week would keep your head low enough. After that, lets talk.

Binary options trading is a perfect way for people with a few hundred dollars to accumulate enough money to  trade foreign exchange properly…while learning the ropes.  It’s currency trading with a twist. You get to earn while you learn while keeping your risks low.

In binaries you only risk what you put up and that can be as low as five bucks. There are no whipsaws. The normal heartbeat of the market ebb and flow that causes high leverage traders to go nuts watching each tick of the chart is not relevant in binary options trading. Its intensive but losses are controlled and the goal is easy. Will it be above or below your entry point.

How many times have you made a Forex trade and it takes you out of the market only to turn around and go where you thought it would in the first place?

With binary options trading, It does not matter a hoot if it goes up or down a hundred pips before your time is up. You either win or lose the money you put up if it ends up above or below the point at which you entered the trade.

So, yes there is good money in trading binary options if you look at investment versus risk. 85% in a minute? Are you kidding me?

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